Steering Suspension Repairs in Wyoming, MN

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In order to maintain comfortable riding conditions and optimum driving performance, your vehicle relies on its steering and suspension system. These systems also help to ensure that drivers stay in control of the vehicle at all times and at any speed. The suspension system converts forward energy created by bumps in the road into vertical energy. This energy then travels up and into the frame of your vehicle. Components of a suspension system like coil springs and shock absorbers help dampen the impact of the force of the road beneath you. While each component can vary depending on different makes and models, all suspension system components can weaken over time.

This happens when stress is applied throughout normal driving conditions. Off-road driving or erratic driving can wear these components down much more quickly. No matter how you prefer to drive, Lefner Automotive has the necessary equipment to identify and repair any issues that might affect your steering and suspension system. Our highly trained staff will inspect these components to help determine if you need a minor adjustment or a major replacement.

The Importance of Your Car’s Steering and Suspension System

If your car is feeling shaky, driving unsteadily, or riding off-center, it could be time to have your steering system repaired. This also applies to your steering is starting to feel stiff when you drive. Excessive bounding or swaying when you hit a bump or loss of control when you drive or brake is causes for a suspension system inspection. In some instances, uneven wear on your tires could also be a sign of a suspension system problem, although it’s more commonly connected to tire alignment issues. If you’ve hit a pothole recently, this could also cause damage to your steering and suspension system components.

If the system components have worn down, it will reduce the overall stability of your vehicle and give you a feeling of less control when you drive. Since all of these components combine together into one working unit, suspension problems that go uncorrected could increase your wear and tear on other components. The result is that you’ll be stuck with more intensive and expensive repairs later on. If you’ve noticed any of the symptoms mentioned, give us a call or contact us online as soon as possible.

The experts at Lenfer Automotive, The Home of Beeline Alignment, are here to help you ensure that your vehicle is running safely and smoothly, so give us a call today to schedule your appointment and we’ll get things working correctly!

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