Oil Change in Wyoming, MN

Image by Ada_Tom from bigstockphoto.com

When it comes to thorough automotive maintenance, an oil and filter change is one of the most important forms of preventative care for your vehicle. This easy process promotes maximum vehicle performance and helps to extend the life of your engine. The oil in your car is responsible for lubricating all of the moving parts and components inside as it reduces the amount of friction between them. Your car’s engine generates quite a bit of heat, so the oil helps to act as a cooling engine while it circulates and lubricates the engine. Motor oil also helps to absorb other harmful particles that are created during the engine combustion process. The oil directs these particles to the oil filter, which in turn filters out a variety of contaminants and other debris. The result is clean, clear, and free-flowing oil. The oil and filter work together to keep your engine working at optimal performance.

When you get an oil change, we’ll replace your engine’s old oil with new oil as per the manufacturer’s specifications. We’ll also replace the oil filter and lubricate the chassis components of your vehicle. Once we’re done, we will ensure that the oil in your engine is clean and that all moving parts have been properly lubricated.

Why You Need an Oil & Filter Change

As you drive, the oil in your engine becomes saturated with contaminants and excess particles that are left behind over time. These particles form deposits that can create serious wear and tear to your engine. When the oil becomes oversaturate it loses its lubricating abilities, which in turn can lead to an overworking engine. This results in excess heat and even total engine failure in some cases. Excess heat can also create a thermal breakdown in the oil which changes the oil’s viscosity and creates less oil flow. Dirty oil flows slower, which causes your engine to work much harder. This leads to increased wear over time.

The experienced staff at Lenfer Automotive, The Home of Beeline Alignment, will inspect your oil filter during every oil change and replace the filter to help keep your oil clean and free of any excess contaminants. We only use the highest quality oil to ensure that your vehicle runs smoothly, safely, and at maximum capacity. Give us a call at our Wyoming, Minnesota location to schedule your oil change today! We’re proud to also serve the Forest Lake and Lindstrom, Minnesota areas as well.